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07/08/2018 by Adam Crouchley

Vacancy Enquiries

If you are looking for a rental property, see what we have available on TradeMe and see if any properties suit your requirements.  If so, contact us so we can arrange a viewing.


Application Process

All tenants are required to complete an Application Form and provide photo proof of identification. Once your Application has been processed you will be advised whether your application for a particular property has been accepted or not. If accepted a Tenancy Agreement and all other documentation will then need to be completed. Unless otherwise advised, monies required to rent a property are one weeks rent in advance, four weeks rent in Bond (held by Tenancy Services Bond Centre) and one weeks rent plus G.S.T. in Letting Fee. All monies are payable prior to moving into a property.


The owners property insurance does not cover the tenants personal belongings. Tenants will need to get contents insurance for their belongings to ensure they are protected against loss. We recommend when organising insurance that you check with your insurer to ensure your contents insurance includes liability cover.


Your Rights and Obligations

Both landlord and tenant get certain rights and obligations when they agree to a Tenancy. An overview of these are listed on the reverse of your Tenancy Agreement.


Tenancy Services

Tenancy Services is an excellent source of information when you wish to learn more about New Zealand residential tenancy legislation. An excellent publication.

For a more in-depth look at tenancy law you may wish to read the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 which can be downloaded as a pdf file here… Residential Tenancies Act .